Friday, September 08, 2006

Tengo Tango

Big DogWell tango was ace. Really good fun. The only thing I can compare it to is taekwondo: the movement, the instructions, the coordination, there was even that weirdo beginner who thought that she knew everything. Although it was even worse at tango as as a women she should have been following, but she seemed desperate to lead. Yes, there are videos of Kai and I. In my defense I have to say that Kai started filming just as I was beginning a dance we hadn't done before called the milonga, watch me grapple with the teacher at the beginning :)

It's funny how different people's perceptions are - I overheard Kai speaking with his dad tonight, saying how good everything was, apart from the hostel, I think the hostel's great. It's really secure and clean and even The Rules don't seem so bad now, they don't seem to be very strictly enforced, especially the "quiet at all times, silence after 12". We're going to have to test the "no alcohol" and "no admittance to drunk residents" later. Hopefully not both at once.

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