Thursday, September 07, 2006

Chico Time

Kai Full of PastaThe weather´s getting better and better, yesterday I went out wearing only one jumper. I still can´t believe it will be 27C in a few days, or that it was 20 a few days before we arrived.

I feel this post descending into a list of things we´ve done, and I´m not going to fight it, I´ll just try to keep it brief. Arrived Sunday and took a catameran down the river with a couple of amigos from the hostel. Ate steak, was a bit disapointed. Monday I was feeling ok with the Spanish classes. Tuesday I was feeling despondant and shit at Spanish, reminded myself it was only dias dos. Went to a semetary more like a city. Saw some Jazz in the evening, which started with a really cool solo electric double bass version of Summer Time. Kai unusually mute. Wednesday felt shit at Spanish but cared less. Teacher took down our email addresses under the guise of an exercise. Tried to change money sin pasaporte. Ate our first vegatarian meal (pictured). Thursday made even less contribution in Spanish and wrote blog post using fucking anoying Spanish keyboard. I have ¿ but where the fuck is the at sign? Having our first tango lesson tonight. Video is promised.

Women who've met us a few times keep refering to us as chicos. I'm hoping it's a term of endearment.

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Anonymous said...

tango! wow. will be fun