Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Chicos Behaving Badly

It may not surprise anyone to hear that Kai has been pissing me off. Outside of class it's fine, but I just cannot stand the way he behaves in class. And he's getting worse by the day. He takes every opportunity to ask how to say words such as "rob" and phrases that might help him while he's being robbed or after he's been robbed. He really pissed off our (female) teacher today by saying that the most important thing about a secretary was the way she looks. He doesn't even acknowledge that anyone besides me is getting pissed off, and talking to him seems to make him worse. Anyway, like I said, outside of class it's ok, or at least I can avoid him :)

Well that's what I wrote yesterday, but I am feeling muh better today, I think I actually anoyed him today :) with my story about Sra Peacock and Srta Cayote finding an ostrich egg. Anyway, one of the reasons that I am feeling so good is that yesterday two people separately complimented me on my Spanish. It wasn't quite that impressive, they were actually comparing me to two days ago. I think I have Victoria to thank for this for pretending not to speak any English. She let her guard down last night though and she definately understands and speaks more than she lets on :)

We had a fun weekend, I was pretty lazy and Kai made it all the way to another country. Friday we pretended to be Mexican, which consisted of shouting "vive" and drinking Corona. Saturday we went to a milonga, which is both a dance and the place which you dance, to watch the girlfriend of the head of our Spanish school dance who is also the person who taught us. See videos somewhere below.

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