Tuesday, March 31, 2009


For a long time now I have been wondering why I can't login to my Nationwide account in linux. There's no error message, I am just returned to the login page, which isn't very helpful. This evening I decided to try a fresh firefox install. So I started firefox with -ProfileManager and created a new profile. And I could login. I don't have a lot of plugins installed, in fact the only one I could think might have any effect modifies the referer, I usually have it set to not embed the referer. It turns out the Nationwide site needs the referer. So there you go if you've been wondering about it too.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Unintelligent Design

You hear some daft ideas for cleaning up the web, but the Mormons are really taking the biscuit:

CP80.org wants all adult material banned from Port 80 ... and ... also suggests that “ISPs could simply block all IP addresses originating from a non-compliant country”.


One wonders what their definition of "simply" is.

Meanwhile our (UK) government continues its march towards making certain thoughts illegal: