Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Property Scams From Gumtree

Marcelo Kluvert <marcelokluvert@yahoo.com>

Offering a lovely apartment located in "Central London Via fulham" with two bathrooms and either 2 or 3 bedrooms depending on whether you trust the ad or his email more. Rent is £400 pcm total, including all bills. Marcelo is a very busy man but will come down from Newcastle for a viewing once he has seen a Western Union receipt of a £980 transfer to prove you have funds available.

Georgia Washington <wgeorgia63@yahoo.co.uk>

Scam KitchenetteIs offering a flat "looking very nice and clean" with "well tidy sitting rooms" and home utilities including a lounge, "cable ready", power-shower and an electric shower on "KENSAL RD Kensington". From the photo you might get the impression that the kitchen has a microwave where the oven should be and only has two hobs, but Georgia assures me there are in fact three hobs and an oven just to the left of the photo. Georgia has even removed the ad from Gumtree for you (nothing to do with it being reported as a scam of course), works for Credit Suisse Group and will email you a tenancy agreement. She will fly back from Spain to show you around just as soon as you send her a copy of a Western Union receipt to prove you have the £1000 deposit available. What a nice round number!

Queensgate Berry <berryqueensgate@yahoo.com>

Queensgate Berry will address you as "my dear", sign himself "Mr.Alan" and has a lovely 2 bed property suitable for 2-6 persons (each bedroom being suitable for three students apparently) in South Kensington with "Cable/Satellite CCTV" and a garage at a total of just £200pw! Including all bills! According to the "Landlord Association" rules, "due to past/bad experiences with the other landlords" and as "there is also a fine of 5000pounds if we don't go through the rules and regulations" all you have to do is forward a MoneyGram receipt of £1300 to Mr Alan to prove you have the funds available. Mr Alan's phone number is 07024031949, note that 070 numbers are premium rate numbers, not mobiles.

If you encounter any of these illustrious people or one of their ilk you may be interested in a fake Western Union or MoneyGram receipt generator or a page of useful scam baiting links.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

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If using Facebook’s PHP library you get:
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Try adding the following before the offending line: