Tuesday, February 08, 2011

WSE306: The DIME record should have the following version: 1. Instead, the DIME record contained the following version: 7

Fixing the above error involved altering the Microsoft.Web.Services2 version in the configSections of the web.config file from to, matching the version named in the soapExtensionTypes section.

Linux Colour Management and Monitor Calibration (or Do You Really Want a High Gamut Monitor?)

I am writing this purely because a couple of the highest google hits for things like "linux colour management" and "linux monitor calibration" are worse than useless and useless respectively (imho). I won't name their URLs but their domain starts with linux and ends in .com.

Loading default colour profiles (.icc, .icm files) in Linux is a surprisingly simple matter, there's Argyll (see dispwin) and xcalib for the CLI lovers among you and things like gnome colour manager to make things even easier.

I actually found that Argyll and xcalib didn't work for my chosen screen, apparently because the nVidia driver does not properly support XRandR (yet). However the gnome colour manager *did* work, despite it apparently being just a front end for Argyll. Having said that it did apply the same profile to all my screens, so it wasn't perfect, but it was good enough for me, applying the chosen profile to all the important programmes such as eog, firefox and Gimp, the notable exception being flash, which of course is a big deal in a world of flash video and I have to admit to using picnic on flickr an awful lot.

Short Reviews: The Island Queen, Islington

Really lovely staff, a great selection of beers and large portions of good food at very reasonable prices. It's a shame it's so far off the beaten track, but it's worth the trek, highly recommended!

Tuesday, February 01, 2011


Simply hiring the best and the brightest may not make sense in all circumstances, nevertheless the alignment of our core “Competency Framework” with job descriptions, recruitment, appraisal and training and development program, enables a continuous check on the current availability of human asset capabilities.
One wonders under what circumstances not "simply hiring the best and brightest" would make sense. Maybe that's what Google meant.

UPDATE: A colleague thought of such a circumstance: nepotism.