Saturday, June 30, 2012

eBay Rule 1: Don't be a fucking idiot

I recently put a laptop up for sale on the ever more expensive eBay. A few days after the listing had started I received notification from eBay that my listing had been cancelled by them. The reason? I had specified that I would accept cash, but had not specified that buyers should not send cash through the post. What fucking idiots send cash through the post? Apart from it being absolutely bleeding obvious, it is also completely within eBay's power to warn buyers not to post cash themselves, they could put a big warning in bold red type right next to the option. I have now relisted my item with the following warning:

Please note: ebay cancelled my previous auction because I did not specify that cash should not be sent by post, so please remember not to send cash by post. Also, do not play with sharp knives, use matches/lighters near petrol, or jump off cliffs.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Hot Chocolate Reviews

Cafe, Brighton

This place seems to be called "Cafe" is now called Nest. It's on Kensington Gardens, and if it has a proper name then I can't find it. Apart from the name I like it, it's got a relaxed atmosphere that I like and the staff seem to be happy to please, it's one place that I know will do me a real coffee milkshake.

The hot chocolate looked promising, stirring it I found it to be thick and the colour was very dark. Unfortunately that promise lead me to be doubly disappointed as it tasted of nothing bar sugar. I didn't finish it and they might as well have used Cadbury's, it would have tasted better.

If you had blind folded me and spooned it into my mouth I would probably have guessed at custard. I can only imagine that the colour was artificial, and by that I do not mean they necessarily used chemicals, but that it was not from cocoa.


I usually get one of their excellent (and award winning) coffees, but today I saw an almond croisant and hope their hot chocolates might be as good as their coffees. It tasted like a standard milk + cocoa. Slightly bitter for my tastes, but maybe I was supposed to add my own sugar.

Caffe Vergnano 1882

Caffe Vergnano 1882, or Luciano Franchi Caffe Vergnano 1882 to give it its full name, does very intense hot chocolate. A very very intense hot chocolate. It's thick like melted chocolate. It was too intense for me, I could barely finish it.

Konditor & Cook

Originally I only knew K&C for very special cakes, but they do savoury too, from salads to very nice scotch eggs, but I usually go back for the hot chocolate. It's my favourite. It's a slightly thick in a custardy way and chocolaty and a touch bitter with just the right amount of sweetness. I can just about finish a whole one without being sick.

FreeState Coffee

Promising, but way way too sweet.