Thursday, October 01, 2015

Camera Repair Quote from Sendean Cameras

Since Yelp appear to hide bad reviews I thought I'd also post my review of Sendean here.

I dropped off a camera at Sendean for a repair quote. The camera would switch on but the lens wouldn't extend fully. The quote I got back was as much as the camera would have been worth in mint condition. When I declined they reduced the quote by a third, but I still didn't think it was worth it so I went to pick the camera up. The first time I arrived at the shop I was told that the camera was still in bits and that I'd have to come back the next day, which I did. However once I had got the camera home it wouldn't turn on any more at all (a strap lug was also missing). I called Sendean to discuss this and the guy's attitude was terrible. He first claimed that they hadn't even disassembled the camera. When I pointed out that I'd been told the camera was in bits the first time I'd come to collect it his attitude got even worse and he said "you started with a broken camera, and you've still got a broken camera." Unbelievable.