Monday, September 04, 2006

Spanish Classes

In 1992 the governors of Spanish in Argentina decided that "ll" is not a letter in its own right but is in fact two "l"s. I want to know how much these people get paid. "ll" is pronounced "sh" btw, double "l" or single "ll".

Kai's taken enough photos for us both. Shockingly, none of me eating, though the highlight of those photos is Kai eating a "millionaire" (I think). Unfortunately Kai was too slow to capture the perro muerto flotante. Sorry, had to use babel fish, despite the fact that I did ask our tutor how to say floating dead dog. Tutor muchos cuteos, must concentrate on Spanish, must concentrate on Spanish.

Popular past times in Argentina include kissing in public (which Kai pretends to hate vociferously) and dog walking, which I always thought was unique to the English.

Los New Radicals have just been announced on Kai's short wave radio.

Dad, if you're reading this, so far I have seen a low flying cormorant from our catamaran and what looked like a large robin with a burnt orange underneath.

Got to go and do my home work. Ciao, or rather chau, for now.

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