Monday, September 11, 2006

Morning After

Well we were allowed back into the hostel, despite Kai doing an inverse Jesus - drinking the wine as if it were water. I can highly recommend Lopez 2004. And to think, barely four weeks ago I didn't even think I liked red wine :)

Plaza De MayoSaturday I stayed in and pretended to do my Spanish work on the roof while Ricardo, Kai and his "friend" Rachel (is it spelt differently when it's pronounced Rakel?) went round Boca. Sunday, Kai and I walked to Plaza De Mayo.

The Jazz musician we saw was Hill Greene. Though I thought that was the guy that Eminem sang about humping a dead moose.

I felt much better about Spanish today, though that might have been because Kai and our fellow classmate, Toby, were having a bad day. Kai is ill, of course, and hadn't done much of his homework (though that hasn't stopped him nagging me) and I think Toby had a bit of a serious weekend :)

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