Friday, September 05, 2008

Advanced Customer Service

To: AdvanvedMP3 Players
Subject: Griffin SmartTalk iPhone Mic/Extension Cord

The mic on this product is practically useless, I have to hold it directly in front of my mouth for the other person to hear me, which makes the clip rather pointless. I have gone back to using the Apple headset shipped with my iPhone.


Thank you for your enquiry. The microphone will need to be close to your mouth as the unit has built in noise canceling to block out background noise. Your voice will therefore be blocked out if you are not close to the mic. Unfortunately we only offer refunds on unwanted items within 7 days of purchase.

Right. It's categorising my voice as noise. And I have to actually hold the mic in front of my mouth, I might as well just hold the phone to my head.

To be fair, Griffin's response was a lot more helpful.

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