Sunday, February 11, 2007

Pushing The Boat Out

We really treated ourselves last night. We started at a Japanese restaurant, eating lots of lovely sushi, then went on to "Dumbo's" and had ice cream and coffee with cocoa lacquer, chocolate and cream. Then we sat on a bench feeling sick for a while before crossing the street to a bar which turned out to be a karaoke bar. As Dan remarked, we don't even need to look for them any more, they come to us. This one was much cheaper and younger than the one we'd been to the previous night, some friendly locals were so impressed with our singing (Dan - Help and Hey Jude, Anne - A Whole New World (unfortunately she only knew it in Danish) and I - House of the Rising Sun and Every Breath You Take) that they took us out to a club. Clubs have to shut at 4am in Bolivia due to government licencing. Nearly as backward as the UK! :)

Snap HappyI've uploaded some videos, the most interesting, me being an idiot, has a nice shot of La Paz at the end. Unfortunately though you can't make out the way that the houses go all the way up the sides of the hills.

I really hate rushing, it's now Tuesday 13th Feb, and we're in Copacabana. We have to spend a day in Peru to renew our Bolivian visas before Thursday, and then maybe head back into Bolivia to a carnival in Oruro for the weekend, giving us about a day to "do" Copacabana and the islands in lake Titicaca.

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