Friday, February 09, 2007

The Peace

All The Pretty ColoursBefore coming to La Paz I had yet to experience a video on a Bolivian bus, it turns out they have similar habits to the Argentines. Our bus left almost on time at 11pm, the lights were put out at about midnight, then an hour later, just as we were all trying to grab our sleep from the 5 hours left, all of the televisions emitted a loud buzz and Alien Vs Predator came on. I was at least glad of the English subtitles, else how would I have known what the hell was going on?

I managed to change my flight today. I will be back in your green and pleasant land on 4th July. Changing my flight cost £50. The phone call cost £20. Apparently a teacher makes about £3 a day.

Me mate Dan has some interesting photos up of our time together. Look out for our mate Dave.

My brother writes a funny blog. Yes Sam, I am jealous.

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