Saturday, February 10, 2007

Paranoid Androids

Double VisionDan and I went out with a new female friend (we shall call her N, for that is her name, sort of) last night and we ended up at a karaoke bar. After singing a couple of numbers (Dan - All Day and All of the Night, N and I - California Dreaming) N announced that she was feeling strange and abruptly left. The next morning N knocked on our door to say good morning. Later, in private, I confessed to Dan that I was relieved as I had been concerned that N had left after I had leaned over to speak with him and perhaps inappropriately touched her leg. Dan replied that he had also been worried that she'd left after he'd touched her leg accidentally. She is now sharing our room, so the experience can't have scarred/scared her that badly. Although I'm not entirely sure she understood all the Spanish, and Dan and I might have been a little economical with the translation :)

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