Thursday, February 15, 2007

Boring Anecdote III (These Things Always Come In Threes)

Tuesday morning I came down the stairs of our hostel in Copacabana and came across a lone wallet midway. After handing it in to reception I thought nothing more of it. Later waiting for our lunch we realised that we might be too late for the boat to Isla del Sol and so I went to fetch our two bags. At the hostel the receptionist asked me about the wallet and then asked me if I could wait a moment. He went off and came back with the Big Boss Man. BBM proceeded to open the wallet and tell me that there was $150 missing, pointing the finger at me and mentioned the police. I was speechless, never before has Jamie "Honest" Kitson been accused of stealing $150, in fact I don't recall ever being accused of anything! As I was showing him exactly where I had found it, with Hollywood timing, a Friendly Face appeared around the banister and claimed the wallet as his own. I explained what was going on in English, and FF was suitably confused. BBM asked FF how much money had been in the wallet, FF replied under 100 bolivianos, BBM checked the wallet, found 30 and FF said "Yeah, 30, sure." BBM's demeanor suddenly changed to smiles and hand shakes and I was allowed to rush off back to lunch and our boat across the water. Moral: Don't stay at Residencia Solar in Copacabana.

I had A Moment on the island. Dan and I were filming/photographing the approaching lightning a top a hill, at 4025m, on an island in the middle of Lake Titicaca, Bolivia in the encroaching dark, thinking "What kind of life is this?"

But where are all my Valentine's emails?!

I'll put up the lightning pictures and Dan's video as soon as we rejoin ADSL land. Hopefully tomorrow in Puno, Peru.

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