Tuesday, August 04, 2020

Changing the Oil Filter on a 2017 Ford Grand C-Max TDCi 1.5

Changing the oil on our Ford Grand C-Max TDCi 1.5 was straightforward enough. Remove the bottom cover with a torx driver and then undo the sump bolt with a 21/22 mm spanner.
Changing the filter was simple enough once I knew what I was doing and had the right tools to hand, but I had difficulty getting that information.
The filter housing is black plastic dome with a plastic bolt head moulded on top, hidden behind a large pipe.
First use a screwdriver to loosen the collars and remove the pipe covering the filter.
Once the pipe is removed you have better access to the filter housing.
Stuff some rag under the oil filter to catch any oil that spills out.
Use a 27mm hexagonal socket and some sort of spacer to undo the filter housing. You want a hexagonal socket rather than a star so as not to strip the plastic head, and you need some sort of spacer in order to fit the wrench in. I used a universal joint, which was a bit too long, but worked ok since it was a universal joint and I could turn the wrench.
The filter takes some pulling to get it out of the housing.
Remember to replace the seal.
The filters have a notch which fits very snugly into the engine, towards the bottom.
It's as hard getting the new filter into the housing as it is to get the old one out. I made the decision to fit the notch into the engine and struggle screwing the housing back in rather than fitting the filter into the housing and struggle to get the notch into the right place.
Video below is useful, but not great quality.


Anonymous said...

I found this perfect for me. Trying to find anything out with a mission until I seen this guide. Thanks šŸ™

Anonymous said...

An excellent guide !!
I have just removed the air filter housing(also changed)as needed when battery changes, and that made the fitting of the oil housing back lot easier...worked for me at least.