Monday, August 04, 2008

Junk Mail

Oh my God I hate junk mail. I have had to ring up Virgin Media three times. They had our hose down as the house and two flats. I swear I have told BT before that I don't want any of their crap. I usually find that ringing the number on the junk gets best results. It was actually quite frustrating ringing Virgin as they were so reasonable and polite. Sky is another major offender.


Kai Hendry said...

Register the people and address on

Jamie said...

Thanks, I didn't realise there was one for mail, I thought I'd checked not long ago. Not sure how it will help though, these companies seem to think they have your permission, and Virgin didn't even have the correct address.

Anonymous said...

MPS doesn't works for all companies - basically the junk mail sender needs to be registered with mps for them to actually be informed that you don't want their junk mail.
These guys were on radio 2 the other day and are apparently rather good at stopping junk mail for free.