Sunday, November 26, 2006

Loose Ends

As the English wear T-shirts with Japanese slogans slapped across the chest, Argentines (mainly women) wear T-shirts with English slogans slapped across the chest. They are so often almost cleaver and funny, and I feel so close to getting the joke that I end up feeling stupid for not getting it. It makes me wonder what Oriental jokes we're all walking around with blazoned on our chests. Here are some choice cuts:

I play the game
Do me a pass

First of all I should explain that Spanish has one word for both "make" and "do", so the pun on "making a pass" might work, if it was in Spanish. I suppose that "the game" is ambiguous in English, but I doubt that was part of their plan.


This one, I think I get the gist, but I'm not entirely sure how I'd "translate" it, maybe just "Drink everyone dry"? It sounds like you should have some pun on drink driving in there too.

Touch me
I'm cold

Of course, this one does make perfect sense, but not on a T-shirt. I think maybe "cold" was supposed to be "cool", but that's not as good as "hot", or even "a celebrity", or even "a celebrity (get me out of here!)"


I have no idea about this one, it's a bit late for Freddy Mercury love.

This post was written on a French keyboard, which was f'ing difficult.

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