Tuesday, November 21, 2006

All Apologies

Warm Bread, Cold BeerI feel like I owe Resistencia an apology, last night I had one of the best meals I've had in Argentina, and that's saying something. They served warm bread and creamed roquefort (remember to pronounce the 'e':) before the meal! And then this morning I had the best facturas, and the pizza I had for lunch was pretty good too. It was all too much, I had to create my first wikitravel entry!

Hold UpOne thing I didn't mention though is that the people in Resistencia speak like machine gun fire, I couldn't catch a word. This morning I walked backwards and forwards about 6 times before I realised that some people were directing me to the taxi stand and some people were telling me that I had to move a couple of meters up the road to catch the bus. When the bus arrived the driver said that we would have to walk, but again I didn't quite understand, I assumed that it meant that we would have to change buses at some point. So after some time the bus stops and everybody gets out. We were at a motorway junction. No traffic was moving. People were sitting in the road. With banners. It was like some sort of check point. I passed a film crew. They wanted to interview me. In Spanish. I relented. Being a bit nervous in front of the camera and with the local machine gun lingo my Spanish comprehension was even worse than usual, as was my speaking. I said that it was strange, that it was interesting, that Argentinean roads were good, that the roads were worse in India, that it would never be tolerated in Britain, where there are cameras everywhere, and the police would The Bridgeturn up in double quick time. I hope they don't use it. And I walked on, assuming there would be another bus just beyond the toll booths waiting to take us the rest of the way. There wasn't, just a long stretch of road and a bridge in the far distance. There were taxis but I figured that walking would be an adventure. It was, but damn I need a shoulder massage. This was my walk. I've also put some pins in my map, zoom right in.

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