Sunday, March 28, 2010

Short Reviews: Fish Fish, Archway/Highgate

I'm often amazed at how difficult it can be to find a decent chippie; how hard can it be to take a piece of fresh fish, dip it in egg, milk and flour and deep fry it at the right temperature? I was especially disappointed with Toff's on Muswell Hill, which apparently has a good reputation and seems to be shut of a Sunday evening. And so it was an extra special joy to find lovely fresh light golden batter around some tasty fresh fish and good (albeit suspiciously regular) chips about 2/3 of the way to Highgate from Archway on Sunday evening. It's not particularly cheap (£6.95 for take away fish and chips, £11 to eat in) and I was pleased to actuality be able to finish my portion for once, ie, it wasn't a huge portion, small by fish and chip standards.


Kai Hendry said...

Toffs was good... back in 1988

Jamie said...

lol :) Larry said he liked it too when he was living in the area a few years ago.

Mise En Place said...


If you are every down near Fulham checkout - Fishers Fish and Chips

Comes highly recommended.