Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Google Chrome Browser Issues

I've used Chrome a few times since it was released, and it's very fast, but for me, it's just not quite there yet, there are these tiny little niggles:
  1. Search as you type. I know I can press ctrl+f, and I know it occasionally mucks up keyboard shortcuts, but I don't care, I want it. Apart from that it makes browsing with the keyboard much easier as you can just hit enter on links, instead of having to hit escape and then enter.
  2. Fonts in Linux aren't quite right, see the flickr menu for example, it goes onto two lines.
  3. Little website specific bugs, for example, in flickr's organiser, if you press enter after adding a tag to a group of images it seems to hit the cancel button rather than the "thanks" button.
  4. I'm getting used to using the history page rather than the missing recently closed tabs feature, but the jury's still out on that one. Ah, there is a recenetly closed list on the new tab page.
  5. Would really like to be able to increase the number of thumbnails on the new tab page.
  6. While using the debugger, alt+left/right should still navigate back and forward.
  7. On Linux it has that same annoying issue that firefox has/used to have: if you kill X chrome thinks that it's crashed and wants you to confirm re-opening your tabs.
  8. The spell checker is not as intelligent as firefox's, for example, "exersie" returns no suggestions.
  9. The icon is too similar to Visual Studio's, I get confused :)
  10. It does not check for a site before googling for what you type into the address bar, eg, if you type "intranet" into the address bar you get google results for "intranet", not your local intranet.
  11. The speed boost just doesn't seem as pronounced on Linux.
  12. RSS feeds don't seem to show up like they do in Firefox.
  13. Chrome seems to "steal" Firefox's saved usernames/passwords and history, which I'm not sure I'm happy about.
I also have an issue with Buzz whereby a Buzz that is in both your inbox and buzz-box doesn't get marked as read in one when you read it in the other. I think that it's just delayed, but it does mean that I click on both boxes to see one message. Also, maybe if you're viewing your buzz-box and a new one comes in it should be marked as read straight away.

AND a couple for gmail: gmail search doesn't split words with underscores and the contact autocomplete doesn't search for words after a period.

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