Monday, September 07, 2009 Spam

I got these two spammy looking messages this morning informing me that "Fioleau" waned to show me a picture. I marked them as spam and clicked the unsubscribe link. But then a friend of mine said he'd received the same thing and that we did actually know a "Fioleau". Curiosity getting the better of me, I foolishly clicked on the "YES" link. Of course, I had to sign up, so I did*. The hilarious, amazing, funny, life-changing image is shown, top-right. Once I had got up off the floor from ROFLMAO I looked for the "delete my account" button. There must be one somewhere, surely? No. In fact I can't even see a "logout" link.

Did "Fioleau" really want to ruin my day with that image, or did WeGame go through her address book spamming every address she had?

* I signed up using a different address to the one that I was spammed on, and at no point did WeGame check I had access to the address I used.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I just got a similar letter from collings. Who is that?

Anonymous said...

was hit by this too from a friend - by clicking the yes it somehow grabbed all my gmail contacts and added them to that bs account they have you set up. I quit the browser at that point but they already sent invites to my contacts - without any consent given. F#$K