Thursday, April 30, 2009 Scam Update

Happened to find this brief, interesting description of what I believe to be the same computer support phone scam that was attempted on my mother a few weeks ago.


jose said...

this is Jose Beller,yes i'm afraid i was one that was caught,i can't believe it ,they got 385.00 aud out of me believed that they would fix my pc,they made it worse,so please don't get sucked in like me. This is a warning to everyone please be careful whom you let in to your pc. I thought that it was a genuine company taking interest in my situation but i was proven very wrong.

Unknown said...

I am a mother of two kids. recently i was worried about them surfing drugs or hate sites on the net. Supportonclick called me up, and I asked them if they have any solution for this. they helped me install a parental control software.
now I am quite happy, they are not scammers. They are a legit site.

Jamie said...

"Ashley", how much did they charge you? What did they sell you? Did you allow them access to your computer? How did they get your phone number? How do you know that they are providing the service that they sold you? Did you consider having your computer in a public space like the kitchen?

Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie
I was contacted this morning and they claimed to be fixing computers in the area that were all having problems. The "inferred" that they were contracted to do this but were evasive regarding who contracted them. When I asked how they got my phone number they kept restating that they were fixing approximately 80% of the computers using similiar software in the area. I checked with my internet server and have reported them. They kept talking over me and insisting I check problems in the computer. I was told they will contact me in 10 days to "fix" the problems. I dont think so.....very slick and very pushy!

digitaltoast said...

Interesting - it looks pretty widespread. Good detective work!

I’ve been following a similar scam in the UK for a few months now:

Also, some dude in the US answered my call for a recording of the scam – this is great!