Thursday, May 03, 2007

Sorry What?

Man, Portuguese is one fucked up language. It sounds like a mixture of Spanish/German/Norwegian. All spoken with an egg in the mouth. Actually I know why it is, they nasalate loads of their vowels. "No" is "náo", which sounds like our "now" said mostly through the nose. But it's not just that, get this, they number their days, "Saturday" and "Sunday" are the same as in Spanish, but then they have "Second-Day", "Third-Day"... you get the picture. And "hello" is our "oi". I just cannot bring myself to greet people with "oi". Although I was just helped to face my phobia when the receptionist got me to shout after someone leaving. "Oi" I shouted, "oi, oi!" And they say their "d"s as we say our "g"s. And their "r"s are our "h"s, which does make talking about Batman's side kick quite amusing. "But why are you, a Brazilian, referencing an old English children's TV character who is a horse?"

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