Sunday, May 20, 2007

Review 2007

Rio De JaneiroI watched City of God the other night. I can assure you that that is not the Rio that I saw. The Rio I saw seemed like Brighton compared to the Rio of the film. Just with lots of high rises, and the beach was a little bigger and better. But I suppose even Brighton has its Whitehawk.

JapanI read Memoirs Of A Geisha the other night. What a confusing book, on the cover it says it's a novel, and then before it starts it has a note from the translator saying how it was dictated to him by the Geisha herself, and then at the end, in the acknowledgments it says it's a complete work of fiction. Anyway, I'm sure it's all very clever, but I really don't want my book to seem like it's been written by an amateur. At the age of six she was told she was a clever girl for saying that her dad's head looked like an egg. She seems to have taken this to heart and has made sure she uses at least six clever metaphors (ok, allegories, whatever) per page.


Kai Hendry said...

I'm glad you've read a book I have. Really sad ending.

About Rio. You want to a Favela party? ;)

Jamie said...

Really sad ending? Are you sure we've read the same book? And didn't you read all those books I gave you...? Oh no, you sold them!

And no, I didn't pay $30 to go to some big party where I could look at all the poor poeple.