Monday, April 02, 2007

Go To Colombia

Forget everything you think you know and go to Colombia. It's the most fantastic place. I think it's the only place I'd really like to revisit (apart from Huacachina of course) and the only place I really regretted having to leave. Though that's unfair to Argentina as I spent four months there and am going back, so I don't have to wish for it. Anyway, back to Colombia... Probably the friendliest place I've been, the most paradyllic, the most varied. Though that's unfair to Ecuador, which I hear is also very varied, but I didn't exactly make the most of it, staying for just a week. Back to Colombia... The land of fruits... and... and... the classic jam and cheese combo! What else was there Sonia? Oh just go!

Maddy!I think I am beginning to understand how parents feel, well I don't think "understand" is the right word, as I have all these irrational fears, starting with a very anxious two and a half hour wait at the airport (I knew her plane had been delayed) and continuing when she didn't eat any dinner, little breakfast and then left virtually all her lunch (very unusual for a Kitson/Johnstone/Bowers) so I was very relieved when she ate all her dinner and said she might have a 3rd pancake for breakfast and reported solid pooing afterwards. I managed to allow her to make her own mistake of not putting on enough sun cream despite the clouds (Sarah, I did advise her, but she insisted she'd be ok. She has very pink, slightly painful arms today).

Her pictures are here.


Anonymous said...

Hi dear Jamie.. you dont know how happy is my mum with your beautiful words about Colombia ha ha "such a nice guy" she said .. You know you always has a home here in Bogota when you want come back and the good thing is you already know the adress so no more lost at cabs again... ah the name of the jam and cheese bar is "quezadilla".. i promess writte soon a little colombian dictionary with all the things i make you eat here, have fun in Mexico ..kisses Sonia.P

Jamie said...

Just noticed what date this was published on, no it's not a joke! :)