Friday, August 02, 2013

My Hour with Skype Support

12:41:31 jamiekay
Initial Question/Comment: Using Skype (create a new user, change my profile, manage my contacts)
12:41:31 System
Thank you for contacting Skype Customer Support!
12:41:36 System
Christopher G. has joined this session!
12:41:36 System
Connected with Christopher G.
12:41:41 Christopher G.
Hello! Welcome to Skype Live Support! My name is Christopher. How may I help you?
12:41:44 jamiekay
12:41:52 jamiekay
I was just chatting to one of your colleagues
12:41:57 jamiekay
and my browser crashed
12:42:05 jamiekay
since merging my MSN and Skype accounts
12:42:12 jamiekay
all my Skype contacts have disappeared
12:42:23 jamiekay
this happened before
12:42:30 jamiekay
and I contacted support
12:42:34 jamiekay
and they restored my contacts
12:42:39 jamiekay
but only to my skype login
12:42:43 jamiekay
not my MSN login
12:42:55 jamiekay
so the contact lists still weren't merged
12:43:31 Christopher G.
Thanks for the following information.
12:44:36 Christopher G.
May I have your Skype name and first name please so I could check your account?
12:44:40 jamiekay
12:44:41 jamiekay
12:45:01 Christopher G.
Thank you, Jamie.
12:47:06 Christopher G.
I checked this Skype account but it doesn't show here that you have successfully merged it your MSN account.
12:47:58 jamiekay
12:48:21 Christopher G.
Is there anything else I can help you with today?
12:48:53 jamiekay
12:48:55 jamiekay
12:49:13 jamiekay
my skype contacts have disappeared since I merged my MSN and Skyep accounts
12:50:21 Christopher G.
May I know your email address?
12:50:26 jamiekay
12:51:16 Christopher G.
Thank you. Let me double check our records.
12:51:46 Christopher G.
May I know what is you Microsoft email account?
12:51:51 jamiekay
12:54:46 Christopher G.
I checked this email account and it was not linked to your Skype account.
12:55:07 jamiekay
ok, well regardless of whether it is linked or not
12:55:13 jamiekay
I have still lost all my skype contacts
12:55:31 Christopher G.
That is why your are not seeing some of your contacts.
12:55:50 jamiekay
when I sign into skype
12:55:53 jamiekay
using my MSN account
12:56:01 jamiekay
I see all of my MSN contacts
12:56:05 jamiekay
when I sign into Skype
12:56:05 Christopher G.
May I know if you were able to login to the Skype application on your desktop?
12:56:10 jamiekay
using my Skype account
12:56:20 jamiekay
I don't see any contacts
12:56:38 jamiekay
so I don't see how merging the accounts would help
12:56:41 Christopher G.
What do you see on your account right now?
12:56:52 jamiekay
I also do not get prompted to merge the accounts
12:56:56 jamiekay
which I did before
12:56:59 jamiekay
and I accepted
12:57:02 jamiekay
and merged the accounts
12:57:10 jamiekay
which account are you asking about?
12:57:19 jamiekay
my MSN account or my Skype account?
12:57:26 Christopher G.
What do you see on your screen right now?
12:57:47 jamiekay
I am logged into Skype
12:57:50 jamiekay
using my Skype account
12:57:53 jamiekay
and I see no contacts
12:58:26 Christopher G.
What do you see on your screen as of this moment?
12:59:12 jamiekay
I don't understand what you're asking
12:59:19 jamiekay
I see no contacts
12:59:33 jamiekay
I can send you a screen shot if you want
13:00:31 Christopher G.
Did you login to the Skype website or to the Skype application?
13:00:38 jamiekay
the application
13:01:41 Christopher G.
Thanks for that information.
13:01:43 jamiekay
if I log in online
13:01:45 jamiekay
I can see
13:01:50 jamiekay
that it confirms
13:01:54 jamiekay
that my MSN account
13:01:59 jamiekay
is linked
13:02:02 jamiekay
to my Skype account
13:02:17 jamiekay
I do not know why your system says they are not linked
13:02:31 Christopher G.
Is there anything else I can help you with today?
13:02:36 jamiekay
13:02:46 jamiekay
13:03:11 Christopher G.
Okay please stay on the line while I check my resources regarding your concern.
13:03:25 jamiekay
perhaps you could check what the previous person did
13:03:28 jamiekay
to restore them
13:03:30 jamiekay
on 27th July
13:05:31 Christopher G.
Thanks for patiently waiting.
13:05:41 Christopher G.
Upon review, I've noticed that your issue is handled by another department. I will need to transfer you to the team that handles this kind of issue.
13:05:46 Christopher G.
Please stay on the line, I will transfer you now. Have a great day.
13:05:56 System
You are being transferred to another queue. Please stand by...
13:05:56 System
Christopher G. has left this session!
13:05:56 System
Danna Kenett Z. has joined this session!
13:05:56 System
Connected with Danna Kenett Z.
13:06:01 Danna Kenett Z.
Hello! I'm Danna Kenett.
It seems you have been transferred to me for further assistance. I'll just take a look at your previous conversation and then we can get started.
13:06:07 jamiekay
Thank you
13:07:16 Danna Kenett Z.
You mentioned that you are unable to see your Contacts. Is that correct?
13:07:26 jamiekay
my Skype contacts, yes
13:08:06 Danna Kenett Z.
May I please know your operating system or device?
13:08:13 jamiekay
Windows 7
13:09:06 Danna Kenett Z.
Thank you.
13:09:16 Danna Kenett Z.
Can you please confirm your Skype name?
13:09:24 jamiekay
13:09:31 Danna Kenett Z.
Thank you.
13:09:36 Danna Kenett Z.
Please hold on.
13:12:16 Danna Kenett Z.
Thank you for waiting.
13:12:31 Danna Kenett Z.
May I please know if these contacts are Skype contacts?
13:12:39 jamiekay
13:13:21 Danna Kenett Z.
Approximately how many contacts do you have with this account?
13:13:37 jamiekay
approximately 10 - 20
13:13:51 Danna Kenett Z.
Do you have other Skype account?
13:13:59 jamiekay
13:14:31 Danna Kenett Z.
May I please know the email address attached to this account?
13:14:39 jamiekay
13:15:09 jamiekay
this has happened before, perhaps you could check the notes of the previous call?
13:16:21 Danna Kenett Z.
I see.
13:17:06 Danna Kenett Z.
But we are able to see if you are just calling Skype to Skype.
13:17:26 jamiekay
I meant the previous support call
13:17:36 Danna Kenett Z.
Upon checking your account there are no saved contacts here and you have 1 deleted contact.
13:17:37 jamiekay
surely you keep records of each support call?
13:19:36 Danna Kenett Z.
I see, that your account is merged with your Live account, right?
13:19:40 jamiekay
13:19:51 Danna Kenett Z.
So the missing contacts are from Live, is that correct?
13:19:55 jamiekay
13:20:21 jamiekay
it's my Skype contacts that have disappeared
13:20:26 Danna Kenett Z.
But in your account there are no contacts.
13:20:39 jamiekay
13:21:06 Danna Kenett Z.
And there is only one deleted contact.
13:21:27 jamiekay
do you have the records of my support call from 27th July?
13:21:56 Danna Kenett Z.
Please hold on to check.
13:23:21 Danna Kenett Z.
The contacts that you have here is just today, 3 times now, right?
13:24:01 Danna Kenett Z.
May I please know if you used other Skype Name or email address?
13:24:31 jamiekay
The MSN account that I merged is ***
13:25:51 Danna Kenett Z.
Can you please try to login to
13:26:15 jamiekay
13:26:51 Danna Kenett Z.
Please see if your Live contacts are there.
13:27:10 jamiekay
Yes, my Live contacts are there.
13:27:56 Danna Kenett Z.
Are these contacts are you referring to as missing?
13:27:59 jamiekay
13:28:08 jamiekay
It's my SKYPE contacts that are missing
13:29:26 Danna Kenett Z.
May I please know if you are login to your Skype account in the Skype application?
13:29:33 jamiekay
13:30:21 Danna Kenett Z.
May I please know how you login there?
13:30:34 jamiekay
what do you mean?
13:30:43 jamiekay
with my user name jamiekay
13:31:03 jamiekay
can we start again?
13:31:12 jamiekay
since merging my Skype and MSN accounts
13:31:21 jamiekay
I have lost my Skype contacts
13:31:35 jamiekay
this happened before
13:31:41 jamiekay
on Sat 27th July
13:31:46 jamiekay
and they were restored
13:32:18 jamiekay
however my two contacts lists were still not merged
13:32:22 jamiekay
so I unlinked my accounts
13:32:26 jamiekay
and re-merged them
13:32:28 jamiekay
and now
13:32:37 jamiekay
my Skype contacts have disappeared again
13:33:16 Danna Kenett Z.
Are we talking about same accounts? jamiekay and ***
13:33:21 jamiekay
13:33:33 jamiekay
13:35:21 Danna Kenett Z.
13:36:01 Danna Kenett Z.
I have checked your history of merging and unmerging your account and this happen last July 27 and unmerging today and merged again today.
13:36:24 jamiekay
13:37:16 Danna Kenett Z.
If you unmerged your accounts with your Live account the contacts of your Skype account will not be affected if you have Skype contacts, but there is non here.
13:39:41 Danna Kenett Z.
Can you please try to login using your Live account in the Skype application.
13:40:04 jamiekay
13:42:51 Danna Kenett Z.
Were you able to see your Live contacts?
13:44:21 jamiekay
13:44:41 Danna Kenett Z.
Are these the contacts that you are referring to?
13:44:47 jamiekay
13:44:56 jamiekay
as I have told you repeatedly
13:45:05 jamiekay
it is my SKYPE contacts that have disappeared
13:46:31 Danna Kenett Z.
13:46:46 Danna Kenett Z.
Would it be okay to make a follow on this issue.
13:47:06 Danna Kenett Z.
We will check further on your account to see if these contacts are missing.
13:47:20 Danna Kenett Z.
May I please have your email address to send you the response?
13:47:27 jamiekay
13:47:36 Danna Kenett Z.
Thank you.
13:48:11 Danna Kenett Z.
Aside from this, would there be anything else that I can assist you with today?
13:48:27 jamiekay
Not apart from this
13:48:46 Danna Kenett Z.
13:48:56 Danna Kenett Z.
Thank you for your time and patience.
13:49:01 Danna Kenett Z.
Have a great one.
13:49:14 jamiekay
13:49:16 Danna Kenett Z.
We will get back to you as soon as possible.
13:49:21 jamiekay
ok, thanks
13:49:26 Danna Kenett Z.
13:49:31 Danna Kenett Z.
You are most welcome.
13:49:31 Danna Kenett Z.
Please note that shortly after our chat session ends, you will be presented with a survey. We would like to ask you to complete this survey to give us feedback on the quality of the service you received. The aim of the survey is to further improve our work and quality of our services.
13:49:36 Danna Kenett Z.
It's been a pleasure speaking with you today. Thank you for contacting Skype Live Support, have a great day. We value your feedback. Please be aware that we will ask you a few questions after closing the chat window about your experience with us today. Once you are ready please click on the "Exit" button.

UPDATE: I thought my colleague George was joking when he said these sound like 'bots, but reading it again I wonder if he's got a point. It also seems that each time I started SHOUTING I got passed on. Maybe 'bots don't like caps-lock.

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gezpage said...

I had a very similar experience a while back with Skype support, very frustrating. I saved the transcript somewhere, might dig it out to compare. They got back to me days later and resolved my issue.