Thursday, December 17, 2009

Wonderful Spam Subjects

I love the way that spam filters are forcing spammers to be more and more creative with their subject lines, here are some of my recent favourites.

First we have the euphemism category:

Make your hose's radius great
Classic male 'uppers' Packed and dosed desire
Have a concrete thing in your pants
Settle the warrior in your fly.
ideal for bed-marathons.
Drive her wet and crazy
Getting woody in seconds!
Give your wang bulldozer power!
Greater male volume and power enhancing.
Be her eromaniac
Enjoy night potency
She'll like your eagerness
Set desire to maximum
Exaltation of having your rod ready-for-action again!

Next we have the bonus "hoister" category, I've no idea why this word is so popular, maybe it's an Americanism:

Hoisters for your pork-lever
Male strength hoisters!
Your favorite ardor hoister!

Then we have the slightly bizarre category:

He was free to write on the snow
Your wife in bath on tape - Looking for sales?
Which she was holding up for it
Erase the memories of the defeat
Give her 3 hour rodeo
Unusual Places to Get It On!
What the doctor ordered - How please knocking-out hottie

On to the Ugh! category:

Energy to tear her ham wallet
Be her tight hole's attacker!
Rub her from inside

And finally the Uh? category:

{?} {?} {?}. {?} {?}
Who knows I collect Blaine dolls, Brian wondered, looking at the one seated on his router.

UPDATE: Looks like I'll have to continually update this post, just had these classics through:

Screw her rabbit hole - If your spaceship needs power
Getting tired after one act? You can easily get energy for ten more this night! - Have surprisingly good lovemaking
Lasting success in bedroom - We can't give you charm of Cazanova: But we can give you wood-on of Ron Jeremy!
Flame of your emotions - Superheat for amorous adventures


Your drawbolt will go deeper in - Stimulate necessary growth
What your score? - You'll peck her like crazy


Yvonne said...

i love this post, jamie. I want your emails to me to be titled as creatively.

Yvonne said...

the wood-on of Ron Jeremy!!! LOL. I love it.