Thursday, June 25, 2009

Flashing The HTC Touch HD

Because I keep forgetting:
  1. Start Win7 in "allow unsigned drivers" mode.
  2. Turn off USB connectivity in ActiveSync.
  3. Start the phone in bootloader mode by holding down vol down while booting.
  4. Update the drivers to those here. Note the 64 bit option. If "the device cannot start" unplug the phone and plug it back in again.
  5. Run USPL.
  6. Flash ROM. (Serial HT847KD00009.)
I guess steps 2. and 4. may be unnecessary once you've done it once.

  1. Copy BLACIMG.NBH into the root dir of your Storage Card.
  2. Turn off your device by using the Power Button.
  3. Remove storage card.
  4. Go to Boot loader mode. (Push and hold Vol. Down + press Power button.)
  5. Insert storage card when you see USB displaying on screen.
  6. Disallow USB connections in ActiveSync.
  7. Disallow On-Access virus scanning.
  8. Run USPL 2.5.
  9. Phone should restart and ask you to press the power button to start flashing the ROM.
  10. Apparently you should always do a hard reset after an update.

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