Saturday, November 08, 2008

Clear Billing From O2

My monthly extras for October:

Subscription Discount31 Oct 080.14
Unlimited Anyone UK Texts (x2)31 Oct 080.00
O2 Web Bolt On04 Oct 08 - 31 Oct 08-5.77
Unlimited Web Bolt On03 Oct 08 - 30 Oct 080.00
Free Itemised Billing01 Oct 08 - 31 Oct 080.00
Unlimited Anyone UK Texts01 Nov 08 - 30 Nov 080.00
Unlimited Web Bolt On31 Oct 080.00
Unlimited Web Bolt On01 Nov 08 - 30 Nov 080.00
Total monthly extras-£5.63

I don't think I'll be rushing to point out to them that they've subtracted the price of my web bolt-on from my bill rather than adding it. I seem to remember NASA did a similar thing with Hubble, so they're in good company. Or was that when they mixed metric and imperial?

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