Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Tolerant Britain

I just picked up a copy of The Lonely Planet for Western Europe, here are some choice quotes on Britain (mainly from the Dangers and Annoyances section):
  • Britain is remarkably safe considering its size and the disparities in wealth.
  • Avoid large groups of young lads after the pubs shut down (11 pm), as violence is worryingly commonplace in town centres across Britain.
  • Drugs of every description are widely available...
  • Britain is not without racial problems... but in general tolerance prevails.
  • Shopping is the most popular recreational activity in the country.
  • On Brighton: "Fat Boy Slim hails from these mean streets..."
  • In Manchester apparently "Paradise Factory is a cutting edge club..." Right.
I wondered if Switzerland would have a Dangers and Annoyances section. It does, apparently "some people may find congregations of drug addicts in cities unsettling."

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