Thursday, May 11, 2006


I have spent the past week living in the dark ages. Having moved all but a rucksack's worth of stuff back to my mum's I am relying on my decrepit made-for-Windows-95 brick of a laptop. I tried to access ebay last night. I think the auction ended before the page loaded, I dozed off.

The state of my room proves what others may have already suspected, that I am as a gas - I will always fill the space available. Even with Rod and Sam's help (Rod took about a quarter of the clothes I am leaving out for charity tomorrow and Sam managed to find one CD he liked out of my collection, Public Enemy if you're interested) I am still managing to make my room as cluttered as it was before.


Anonymous said...

So how many CDs DO you have? And why are you throwing them out, if they are good?

Typical 1st world wastefulness ;)

Jamie said...

:P I am not throwing anything out, I was going to give them to a charity shop, but I thought I might as well take them back with me and see if Mum or Maddy want any of them.

And there are about 150 or so, but now-a-days I can just download what ever I want, and I don't listen to CDs any more.

All and Nothing said...

I remember movong back to my mum and dads once. I lasted 3 days. Your doing well! You have good taste in books by the way. David Mitchell is my writing hero.